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Begin your family's journey today.

We can't believe it- we are at the start of our third year!  Soon, enrollment will open for the 24-25 school year, grades K-10.  We have limited availability. We will be filling a new kindergarten group, and then we have a few other available seats sprinkled throughout our levels.  ADMISSION TOURS NOW BEGINNING. INQUIRE OR APPLY.
(We will continue to add grade levels until we are a full K-12th-grade program.)


**Important to know: We are not a program for individuals with significant learning differences.  We do not have the professional certifications, curriculums, and programs to support students who are English Language Learners, have visual or hearing impairments, require services through an IEP, 504, or similar plan, or with significant social, intellectual, emotional, or behavioral issues.  We do not offer speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, therapeutic counseling, or social skills training.  We are not a 1:1 program.


We are excited to walk alongside you to determine if an education at Vandermont is a good fit for your child.  Our admission process identifies students who will benefit most from Vandermont's unique learning model and to:  

  • familiarize you and your children with the school's mission, beliefs, and signature learning experiences,

  • help us get to know your family, and

  • see if a partnership is in everyone's best interest.  


Characteristics that differentiate our model from traditional schools are:

1. Student-driven, self-paced learning

2. Real-world projects (and apprenticeships coming soon)

3. Student self-governance through studio contracts created by students

4. Mixed-age studios

5. Teachers serve as guides

6. Socratic discussions rather than lectures

7. Exploration and assessment of skill levels 

We seek motivated, curious students from families who value their child’s education. Vandermont strives to create a school and working environment that is affirming and holds tight to common sense and the why behind the things we do. Unfortunately, not all students who apply will be accepted. Each application is reviewed independently. While testing is a vital part of the admission process, the prospective student's personal characteristics, prior educational performance, unique talents, circumstances, and family, are also considered.  Admission decisions consider the student's potential contribution to the collaborative efforts of his/her age level and the school as a whole.

Who does Vandermont serve?

Students who: 

  • are intellectually curious

  • are able to work in an environment that is flexible, student-centered, academically rigorous, and both collaborative and independent work is required of them

  • Who thrive with freedom and can maintain being responsible

  • Who have high goals and seek to learn more

  • have parental support and parental involvement in forms of their growth and development

  • can thrive in an environment that integrates their academic, social, emotional, and spiritual needs 

  • are high in character, can manage self-control, and strive for excellence by doing their best in what they do

  • Out-of-the-box thinkers

Parents/Guardians who:

  • Seek to partner with Vandermont to help their child develop a love of learning and develop their unique God-given talents and interests while achieving academic and personal goals

  • Want their children to become self-directed, independent learners

  • Embrace and understand the Vandermont learning model.  This includes allowing their child to thrive in a self-paced environment with a purposeful learning experience at the heart of what they do. 

  • Believe there is a better way to educate and prepare children for a modern world.

  • Understand learning should be a holistic approach where subjects are taught in authentic and interdisciplinary ways

  • Trailblazers and trendsetters

  • People who want to maximize their family time

  • Families who value their freedom and want their children to develop a love of learning.

  • Are open to living and learning within Christian values and willing to accept the Statement of Faith.

  • Want their child to work in a growth mindset and design/maker environment so they can embrace that trial and error is how we learn and that when things are hard, we persevere.

  • Embrace a learning model where independence and asking for help are the norm.

  • Agree with learning to learn and learning to do in order to learn to be.

  • Believes in a flexible learning environment where a child can move freely with freedom when showing responsibility.

  • Embrace mastery of skills demonstration over numerical or letter grades.

  • Understand at Vandermont demonstrating learning will be done through authentic projects and experiences which may include presentations, projects, or video.

  • Believe that learners deserve to be in a joyful environment where they are challenged, encouraged, and having fun.

  • Will refrain from protecting their child from failure at all costs


Parents looking for the items listed below may be challenged by Vandermont's philosophy and may feel it is not the right place for their family:

  1. Those who treasure social prestige and actually prefer a traditional education.

  2. Those who are "blamers" will ultimately gossip and criticize, no matter what.

  3. Those who aren't sure their child is ready yet for the responsibility and struggles of truly independent learning (and may be right).

  4. Those who are not flexible and committed to growth and the love of lifelong learning themselves.

  5. Parents who prefer to prevent failures for their children at all costs and do everything for them will likely not enjoy our model.  We are a place where we all challenge ourselves to be independent first and are encouraged to try for ourselves. 

  6. Parents who want a step-by-step education process that never adapts or changes according to opportunities or needs.

  7. People who fear change or being uncomfortable or challenged.

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