Please review the Vandermont website to gain a solid idea of who we are and what we are about.  If you think we are a good fit for your family, please fill out the Inquiry Form below and we will be in touch!  

Who does Vandermont serve?

Students who: 

  • are intellectually curious.

  • are able to work in an environment that is student-centered, academically rigorous, and collaborative. 

  • have parental support and parental involvement in forms of their growth and development.

  • can thrive in an environment that integrates their academic, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

*Currently, we do not have the ability to support students who require or receive services through an IEP, 504, or similar plan, or students with significant social, emotional, or behavioral issues.

Parents/Guardians who:

  • seek to partner with Vandermont to help their child develop a love of learning and develop their unique God-given talents and interests while achieving academic and personal goals.

  • want their children to become self-directed, independent learners.

  • embrace and understand the Vandermont learning model. This includes allowing their child to thrive in a self-paced and teacher-guided environment with a purposeful learning experience at the heart of what they do. 

  • believe there is a better way to educate and prepare children for a modern world.

  • understand learning should be a holistic approach where subjects are taught in authentic and interdisciplinary ways.

  • are open to living and learning within Christian values and willing to accept the Statement of Faith.

  • want their child to work in a growth mindset and design/maker environment so they can embrace that trial and error is how we learn.

  • embrace a learning model where independence and asking for help are the norm.

  • agree with learning to learn and learning to do in order to learn to be.

  • believes in a flexible learning environment where a child can move freely with freedom when showing responsibility.

  • embrace mastery of skills demonstration over numerical or letter grades.

  • understand at Vandermont demonstrating learning will be done through authentic projects and experiences which may include presentations, projects, or video.

  • believe that learners deserve to be in a joyful environment where they are challenged, encouraged, and having fun.

  • will refrain from protecting their child from failure at all costs.

  • parents who prefer to prevent failures for their children at all costs and do everything for them, most likely will not enjoy our model.  We are a place where we challenge to be independent first and try for ourselves before asking for help.