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Woodshop Tools


Kids Painting

We have a 6,ooo sq ft space where we will be setting up and gradually growing a large portion of the space into an incredible Makerspace!  Students at every level have the opportunity to invent, create, design, build, engineer, produce, play, market, and contribute in the Makers program. Each level has a variety of projects using a plethora of tools to prototype solutions and practice advancing skills.

Our skill development is a rewarded Seal program where students receive seals of completion to highlight their skill development. All students, Kindergarten-6th grade are tasked to make, take apart, problem-solve, and understand what it means to learn through their hands and minds. In doing so, students apply math, science, writing, reading, social studies, movement, and the arts in their learning – whether measuring boards down to the fraction or using a cutter, learning how to use a drill, 3-D Printing (soon), constructing LED circuits, or editing film. Our Makerspace consists of two inter-related spaces; a “dirty side” and a “clean side”. On the dirty side, we use tools, routers, saws, kilns (soon), and a variety of other tools to build. On the “clean side,” we use software, 3-D modeling, video, and sound studios to create. We hope to grow our Makerspace to be an incredibly well-equipped space and thoughtfully designed spaces.

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