At Vandermont, through our personalized learning paths, we empower inquisitive students to develop their interests and God-given abilities to achieve their highest goals while inspiring them to learn confidently and lead purposeful lives.


We are not a traditional school. We are an innovative K-8 21st century private Christian school focusing on developing each learner’s God-given talents and interests with standards (+) curriculums and Inquiry and Project-Based Learning. We apply real-life to offer a purposeful education and give freedoms to students to dive deep in their education being curious, creative, collaborative, and empowered to take charge of their learning. We are in Rockwall County- 9 minutes east of Costco.


Vandermont will fulfill its mission by developing each student’s intellectual curiosity, educational capabilities and emotional/character development in a vibrant learning environment where students gain understanding of themselves as well as their relationships to the local community and the world beyond our community.


  • Being rather than seeming to be

  • Open, honest, and direct communication

  • Asking questions before forming assumptions

  • The local community as learning laboratory

  • Collaboration as well as rugged individualism

  • Change, not charity

  • Self-esteem as a by product of hard work and a job well done

  • Rigor plus joy equals mastery.